Rural development policy forum of SEE countries 2018

“Diversification of economic activities in the rural areas and role of CSO in supporting
diversification”, which will be held in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina (hotel Vučko), on 16, 17 and 18 October 2018. The RDPF 2018 is organized by the network of civil society organisations the Balkan Rural Development Network and Development Foundation of Turkey. The RDPF will be organised on 16th October, and 17th and 18th participants of RDPF will have opportunity to participate in the Agricultural Policy Forum (APF) 2018 “Agricultural Policy: Determinant of the Regional Rural Development and EU
Perspectives of SEE” organised by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in SEE.
The Rural Development Policy Forum of South Eastern Europe countries 2018 will serve as a platform for dialogue on perspectives of diversification economic activities in rural areas of SEE countries and also  will provide possibility for dialogue between all relevant stakeholders. It will address the need for   cooperation of the stakeholders relevant for rural development and also creation stimulative policy in the Western Balkans and increasing potentials for development of rural areas. Policy recommendations related to the diversification economic activities in rural areas in the region will also be part of the Rural
Development Policy Forum of South Eastern Europe 2017. Finally, participant of RDPF 2018 will have opportunity to participate on plenary session of Agricultural Policy Forum (APF) 2018, with possibility to contribute to Policy recommendations.

Represents of pLAG Srem+ on Forum will be

Gospava Kalaba – Associate Srem Film, and  project coordinator of project funding by ALTER sub-granting program

Dragan Saboljov – Rural Center Owl

Andjelkovic Tatjana – Klaster Sveti Dimitrije 

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