Training on Gender Equality for BRDN Gender Equality Hub – We Effect

As the development of the capacities related to Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming was identified as one of the priority needs of the BRDN’s Gender EqualityHub, for  the Hub members we organized   the training on Gender Equality and Mainstreaming,  in Skopje, in the period April 15th – April 17th.

It has been a two-days training, for members of the Gender Equality Hub, which means 2 representatives of each BRDN member network

Training on Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming, organized by
RDN of the RM, within the project “Develop capacities of BRDN network to become accountable actor for development of sustainable rural areas in the Western Balkan Region ”, funded by We Effect

Rural network of Serbia ware represent Aleksandra Velimanovic from Nimbus and Gospava Kalaba from Rural Center Owl 


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