New project for RC OWL

What is the GROW Observatory?
The GROW Observatory is a European-wide project engaging thousands of growers, scientists and others passionate about the land. Together, we are learning about sustainable growing practices, as well as exploring and using simple tools to better manage soil, while contributing to vital scientific environmental monitoring. You can register for a free GROW account and sign up to receive our newsletter to stay in touch with GROW here:

What is GROW’s vision?
Our vision is to support the emergence of a movement of citizens generating, sharing and using information on growing and the land. This can lead to: more sustainable land use practices; better soil and land governance and policy; and a unique data repository for science. Through this, people gain a voice on local issues, and tailored advice on which new crops to plant, when to water, sow, and harvest. In turn, their insight will underpin better-informed decision-making and policy objectives, while improving soil, land use, climate change mitigation, adaptation, and our overall sustainability. We at GROW will realise our vision by enabling citizens to measure land and soil parameters at high spatial resolution over large geographical areas. This will be done by using the Internet and mobile technologies, combined with widely available sensors. GROW will be providing opportunities for growers of all scales to contribute data, shape their own missions and take part in citizen science experiments. 

What are GROW Missions?
GROW missions are citizen science activities. They can happen over weeks or months. In GROW missions, you can take action in growing spaces wherever you are, and learn together with other growers on dedicated online spaces. You will get to try out exciting new ways to improve your soil and food production methods. You could do simple, coordinated soil observations and experiments to capture, and make sense of data on your local environment. This will help to validate good growing practices and environmental monitoring. GROW missions during 2018 and 2019 will come in many shapes and forms. Some are for anybody, anywhere. Others take place in specific places in Europe. Other ongoing ways you can engage with GROW is by taking part in online discussions and events. There will be online courses on soil, sensors and growing, an online space to discover and share GROWing stories, soil moisture sensor trials in several locations in Europe, and experiments you can do in your growing space, wherever you are. Our first mission was a fantastic free online course, “Citizen Science: From Soil To Sky”, that run in May 2017. There was an incredible response to this, and we will rerun it alongside new courses in 2018 and 2019.


As a participant of the Changing Climate Mission, you are strongly encouraged to take part in this online training that will provide you with an exciting and supportive learning journey.

Rural center OWL after  interview with Pavlos and as a result, is  officially invited  to become a part of GROW as a New Community Champion.

In next several months we will be settle up sensors in Special Nature Reserve Zasavica and become new member of family of 

University of Dundee, Scotland
Permaculture Association, Great Britain
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria
Met Office, United Kingdom
Hydrologic Research, Netherlands
Starlab, Spain
FutureEverything, England
Cultivate, Ireland
Culture Polis, Greece
James Hutton Institute, Scotland
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Thingful, England
Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain
Storythings, England
University of Miskolc, Hungary
Food and Agriculture Organisation, Italy

Фотографија корисника GROW Observatory 

Today on May 27th 2019 we got invitation = > 

We are delighted you have been successful after your interview with Pavlos and as a result, we want to officially invite you to become a part of GROW as a New Community Champion

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