Rural Development Policy Forum of South Eastern Europe

Rural Development Policy Forum of South Eastern Europe countries 2019 “Rural Youth”, which was held in Zlatibor, Serbia (hotel Olimp), on 10, 11 and 12 September 2019. The RDPF 2019 is organized by the network of civil society organisations the Balkan Rural Development Network and Development Foundation of Turkey. The Rural Development Policy Forum of South Eastern Europe is supported by European Union and Visegrad International Fund.

The Rural Development Policy Forum of South Eastern Europe countries 2019 will serve as a platform for dialogue on perspectives of diversification economic activities in rural areas of SEE countries and also will provide possibility for dialogue between all relevant stakeholders. It will address the need for cooperation of the stakeholders relevant for rural development and also creation stimulative policy in the Western Balkans and increasing potentials for development of rural areas and improvement position of rural youth. Policy recommendations related to the improvement position of youth in rural areas in the region will also be part of the Rural Development Policy Forum of South Eastern Europe 2019. Finally, recommendations of RDPF 2019 will be send to 4th European Rural Parliament (will take place in Asturias in Spain on November 6-9, 2019) and 2nd European Rural Youth Parliament (will take place in Asturias, Spain from 4 till 6 November 2019), with possibility to contribute to the Policy recommendations.

Rural center Owl during RD Parliament represent Marko Cvijanovic especial during 1st  day in Second panel session on topic Economic activities of youth in rural areas – how to establish stimulative environment,  sharing experience from project Srem basket of traditional product and influence of Youth in Rural ares.

“After educate, registered young or just farmers and provide information about production, registration and got lots of registered product, process product, household in local / region what happen next? Lots of people from local dont know for  them and especial for big round cities of Region. Idea was to network them, promote them (web page, fair event, TV  with national frequency , local and regional media covered), and put tourism signalization all around rural areas of city Sremska Mitrovica with main idea to tourist, visitor of buyers stay more and spend more time at us. Real benefit we expect to see during next year.. Thank you ! ” – it  was part of presentation from Mr. Cvijanovic. 



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